3 chicken breasts (boneless and skinless) marinated in Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, salt and pepper and Italian seasoning

1 package tri-colored tortellini

1 jar juliann sun dried tomato

½ jar of capers

½ jar of the Olive Press Blue Cheese Olives

¼ cup of parmesan cheese


Grill your chicken until they are almost cooked through. Take them
off the grill and let them rest covered so they can finish cooking.


While your chicken is resting cook your tortellini add a little splash of one of our extra virgin EVOO’s into the water when boiling.


Slice your chicken and put aside. Drain your tortellini and put back into a large pasta bowl. Add your chicken, sun dried tomato’s, capers, blue cheese olives and toss. Drizzle a little Tuscan herb olive oil and sprinkle with parmesan cheese and fresh basil leaf. It can be served hot or cold; and it is a beautiful colorful pasta dish that will compliment any table.